Tuesday, September 9, 2008

bodega bay marine research lab

bodega bay marine research lab
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original site of our class intensive paint session - BB marine research lab - a white land dotted with pvc pipe, netting, and cautionary flags to protect careful experiments regarding foliage and sealife. Before the sunburns started, we were gifted with a day and an hour of mystery - surrounded by cool moist fog. Picture postcard scenery of the rhythmic coast was hinted at by grey mounds below, and the sound of surf breaking over and against something substantial. At sunset, a fingerswidth of mist cleared from the horizon revealing a soft band of light. No wonder people trek in groceries, rent out cottages, and abandon cell phone service for a sunset in this place.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anniversary at the Marina

Anniversary at the Marina
Anniversary at the Marina,
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Recipe for a happy painter.

Anniversary is celebrated on bikes in the Marina, painting, flying kites, and pizza eating. Been attached to my companion (kib-panion) since '91, married since '00.

Couldn't be happier with my choice. Very supportive of my artsy efforts over mouse-clicking. Thanks bri.

Monday, September 1, 2008

in nature's air purifier.

Plein Air Painter
Plein Air Painter,
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To get back into practice, have assembled a lightweight paint kit for quick studies. Everything fits in the front of my basket bicycle and can be setup in a couple minutes.

45 minute study. Today's task - use no white...

Tough!! - but worth repeating. After looking at student midterms last week, it became visually clear how white dilutes color intensity.

The scene i am painting had bright sky peeking through silhouetted trees. This could be shown with value alone (white and black), But I want to understand the color equivalent of this contrast. Avoiding white forced me to explore color relationships. This study did not "succeed", but I am excited to try it again.

Current Kit:
* open box m palette/panel holder
* throw-away paper palette for easy cleanup
* table tripod
* folding chair w/ back support (needed for big belly)
* set of tiny paint tubes (yes, they are heavy, but i hate to pre-squeeze paint and then not have enough. outdoor painting shouldn't skimp on paint body
* walnut oil / paper towels / gloves
* set of 6 smallish brushes & scrungey sponges for acrylic underpaint
* sketch book 4x4 moleskine rip-off (a little too small - hard to decipher what i've scribbled out in it)

work hanging at ACCI, berkeley

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