Friday, May 23, 2008

183 steps

183 counted in the tamalpais steps. I went both up and down them
today. Followed shasta road till a block before grizzly peak. I headed
out for a short visit to coffee abd the rose garden. Bur the contest
against gravity entices me uphill. Every built object challenges the
terrain. Dirt and roor crumble the cement. House, tree, and earth are
staked and anchored. The bay and city view is abstracted into wedges
around shingled roof edges, stucco walls, and ambitious decks.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

keith rekevics
neat fabrication of structures.
all in plaster - started from sketches from memory, destroyed after duration of show.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Tonight I walked behind two men describing how to quantify some form
of growth. Wide arm gestures were used to symbolize some
Angle or rate of progress. Standards were cited, methodology relayed
with enthusiasm. This is not uncommon to overhear jargon-laced
abstracts and reference to esoteric studies.
Rather than bask in the comparitive simplicity of my own program, I
was jealous. Shared rules allowed for collective discovery and
excitement. They offer a common language-a baseline. A progression of
ideas emerges. Many artists see regulations and standards as a
hindrance, but I like structure to bounce off of. The perfect
subjectivity of review in my field makes it easy to regress. There is
no set of shared principles or practice. My feet are kicked out when
I've regained my stance.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book of bad ideaS

ear wax erector building
(kudos to neighbor jon, and spouse, bri)

* 1 year of ear wax, both ears, collected daily (may collect wax from family members as well)
* q-tips

* construct a city structure (highway, bridge, skyscraper). q-tips used as erector set style components to build. natural adhesive quality of earwax to be used as glue.

(secret sidenote)
if artist can devise an equivalent color and texture to earwax, it may be used as a substitute. in this case, time of creation should still be one year, to facilitate illusion. earwax distribution should be uneven in color and quantity to mimic real wax. fiction should not be disclosed

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Test blocks

Little guy

Test print using water soluble relief ink. Made small versions of my
big blocks to test out colors

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Earning my stripes

On impulse, with only a baggie of strawberries and thermos of water, I
pedaled my brompton into winters- that's 13 miles each way- my
furthest venture in Davis. Passing field, farm, truck, and palettes
loaded with green starter plants, it was an easy ride. Important gear-
sunglasses (aka bug guard) and sunblock. Forgot the latter- as
evidenced in photo. In winters, stopped in a diner for a deliciously
mayonaissey tuna sandwich and coke.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brian hard at work

Taking 4x5s of my paintings. Used daylight instead of flashes since
paintings are wet and shiny!
Thanks photographer!

Documentation day

Friday, May 2, 2008

Artist psychology

(detail - 'intersection' for mfa show)

"you should have a cliff behind you, so you have nothing to fall back on."

An alternate to having another skill to fall back on as an artist, from an artist interview of Steve Hanks on cap radio, sac

I think about this often- its easy to consider alternate jobs when
facing how hard it will be to have an art career. Artmaking is an act
of faith. Dedication is weakened by contingencies- and while in school I have the luxury to work on art only. Does this keep me from considering my cafe/workshop/studio? Not completely. My school focus lightly curbs my entrepreneurial impulses.
Good work days involve absorption into the canvas color and brush.
There is nothing perfprmative in my painting. My art subject is the
outside, Ive realized that its creation relies on solitude. Perhaps
this is in tandem with how I most enjoy the city- on foot for hours by
myself, with an pccasional chat with a stranger.

Fussy fuzzy

I am on the verge of giving the "brushes down!" order to myself.
Working towards resolution to hang this puppy next Tuesday at the
pence. 48" x48"- oil on canvas

MFA - First & Second Year Show

I'll be wheeling a few new paintings out of the studio for our first year MFA show.
Show opens May 8.
Press Release for Reading by You

May 9, 7-9pm - First Year MFA show opens. Artists will be there (including myself)
May 30th 7-9 pm - Official Opening (first year and second year MFA shows)

Pence Gallery
Davis, CA