Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Book of bad ideaS

When the form of ones art is belittled, the creative mind turns to schemes, distractions , and many many bad ideas.
idea #1
Red tape art show:
Goal: replicate beurocractic systems to create a familiar environment in a gallery setting. visitor walks into gallery and takes a number. Art is visible, but inaccessible due to a maze of low grey walls. The visitor is given a form to fill out. (questions determined by the artist. Goal is to determine aesthetic or conceptual presence). Visitor moves to waiting room. Form is processed by artist, and viewer is led to one of many pieces of art on view. Piece should match their survey (inspire pleasure or disgust). If they wanted to request a modified viewing option, they must take another number and repeat process.

Monday, April 28, 2008

oldie but...

berkeley - painted on the back porch today. brian was good enough to take large format shots of my last painting - so I finally made use of my "home studio" paint set. I've hijacked enough of the tubes for davis, that I was left with a limited earthy palette. A reminder of old favorites. Reverting to past format (local landscape spread between multi-mini canvases) brought some new sensibilities into relief. Quicker to get paint on the canvas; Judicious with shwoopy (painterly) brushstrokes; Editorialized easily for goal; Keep the subject texture in mind. This is a first pass on my backyard. Like using each panel as a clue to one other, without having obvious line-up points. Once they were going, its fun to look at them mixed up - sky, window, branch, and gutter. To do a reasonable job, I need to find a space that would hold my interest for 50 panels.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

time-lapse kib painting

my palette and painting over a 2 hour worksession

* 1 hour to forget click of camera
* texture of paint just starts to come together at end
* haste led to thicker paint app than normal > good since I have to try out goopy thicker texture
* trying to contextualize my brushstroke - thicker paint seems appropriate
* favorite part of movie is the palette

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


heads, eyeballs, skin, hair... super mega composite of the 6 first year mfa-ers. our first collaborative effort.

Monday, April 21, 2008

more things not to forget

my friend in nyc showed with her last year:



The reason I never finish books.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Culling thru the old work file cabinet. This is a typical "to do" list
for my publishing job - converting 100s of paragraph style formats
from one layout program to another. Other highlights include hundreds
of clip art adjustments, newspaper ads for nonprofts, printouts of
backend sgml code, folders of unrealized business plans. Started my
freelance business in 99 and had an absurd pull towards the mist banal
facets of design.
nicholas coley
like that pic of him painting on the edge of the road. ptgs are nice too.
found this while looking for davinci brushes online