Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's official

a mark of recovery and settling in, is the creation of a blog for the little guy (or rather for the parents of the little guy)- Benjamin's Blog can be found at : . KibArt will return to its previously scheduled artsy focus. As I unpack kitchen boxes, and try to understand naptimes, I hope to pick up some drawing pads again soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brian and ben under trees

Went to the playground behind thousand oaks school today so we could
have a visit with kathy and john while 3 year oild savannah (sp?)
played in the sand, slides, and swings. Really nice to catch up and
for me to heAr about how kathy balances singing, music playing, and
mommytime. It's still hard to recap the last few weeks into a concise
tale...but we tried. It was great to exchange early parent stories
with good friends. The visit was long overdue!
In the background, toddlers ran around, made sand angels, and
navigated play equipment with impossibly long arms and legs. Id look
over at Benjamin in Brian's arms under the tree and realize how teeny
tiny he still is. His head slumps forward over brians hand, amd his
little legs are half folded in froggie position. In these early days,
my prime job is to feed him and seek out change and growth. We
celebrate each Effort he makes to lift his head, wiggle legs and arms
on his back, or echo back a couple verbal tones.
On the playground, I watched one larger baby smile at his parents as
they poured sand through a funnel in front of him. The prospect of so
much interaction seems both excitng and impossible.
Kathy got to hold Ben during one of his sweet sleepy spells, and enjoy
his repertoire of squeaky snores.
In the thick of it, these first weeks have not seemed quiet or easy,
but in the shade of some nice trees, the mellow company of a newborn
started to seem like slow, pleasant company. I could start to imagine
looking back on this time, as many parents do, and missing this
earliest stage of life.