Tuesday, February 13, 2007

from area C - artist' in the wild

from area c - P1040851.jpg
from area c - P1040851.jpg,
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My city has been vascillating between storm and sun. Officebound, I guage weather from the sound of raindrops on the skylight and the amount of glow produced by the living room drapes.
Before hunkering into today's mouse-clicking, I head out for a walk. I don't make it past the corner without hustling back for the camera.

In the current version of the Berkeley Flatlands, the pedestrian is treated to a wide view of the sky and hills. You can follow the deep underbelly of the clouds all the way into Oakland, or until it butts up against the green hills, eastward. Today's sky is full of drama. I keep my eyes tilted up, to avoid distraction by the city standards - stucco homes and adventurous green sprouts luminous in the clear winter sun. I take pictures the whole way, seeking frames with the most variation. The powerlines give the sky a landscape feel, and anchor this natural event to my city.

I head north. Until I approach Colusa Avenue it is not clear which will prevail - blue sky or dark cloud.
A more saavy outdoor enthusiast might have known the result all along. Perhaps there is only one proper conclusion from the white-topped clouds and that deep cerulean blue peeking through. By the time I've procured coffee and loop back south, I tuck the camera back into my bag, and unzip the jacket. The sun has won.

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