Thursday, April 19, 2007

Indecision 2007, the Nor Cal Edition

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Visited UC Davis today. The drive up was remiss of traffic, and took me through hills and open fields. Entrance into campus was marked by some newly added large shiny structures, but it didn't temper the bucolic feel. Once into campus, I walked under a constant canopy of mature trees, sided by varied buildings, stretches of lawn, and happy looking students. I imagined each one as esoteric scientist, pursuing phds in gmo crops and sub-atomic somethings. My destination was the building behind the egghead sculptures. The studio art dept here is unique in its size (8 people per class), generously sized studios, and truly interdisciplenary approach to the grad mix. Each year might just have one of each area of study : sculpture, painting, installation, ceramic, video, photo...This year, they are trying something new by taking on several painters at once. The microcosm adds an element of chance to the learning environment. I contemplated whether the wildly varied art group was in itself an experiement. Hopefully, if I go here, it will be a good crop.
My photos don't quite do it justice.

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