Friday, October 26, 2007

Inching towards plein air

Sketched under 80 east
Painted in studio
Only got one honk. Is there a good time to time to linger under


Anonymous said...

The red/orange canvas looks if everything is floating...caught in a slip of vision. Good luck in this "class". Looks like you're having some fun too - well, I hope so ;)

Robin said...

some fun can be had... I am sure. like these shapes in the shadows. may not be red in the end, but I am in a bit of a cad red light kick. Hard not to put it everywhere. Me loves it!

Alissa said...

I like the subject. Something we see every where but don't appreciate the form until it appears on your canvas.

Alissa said...

I actually like the red too. I assume it's just an undercoat, but actually it makes it even more interesting.