Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Late train entertainment. Warhols Cousins and near familydiscussing
what they thought he created while in the USA
Day 2 on the marsh painting makes me wonder how worthwhile it is to
spend much time pre-intellectualising my pieces. Tonight, i painted
over some middle rows and turned em into an elongated horizon. I may
stick with the idea of interchangeable panels since it seems relevant
to the train view, but I'm leery pf it as a mark of indecision in
composition or (worse?) the urge to add a gimmick to make painting
have a dialogue with the current installation style art. Despite my
digi-schooling (watching documentaries of real artists)
my best effort still comes from a spontaneous place. Subject is just a
seed which ideally leads
to a flow of light and color. Deliberate efforts are currently
taking me to a dull place. Hence, some comedy...

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