Monday, April 28, 2008

oldie but...

berkeley - painted on the back porch today. brian was good enough to take large format shots of my last painting - so I finally made use of my "home studio" paint set. I've hijacked enough of the tubes for davis, that I was left with a limited earthy palette. A reminder of old favorites. Reverting to past format (local landscape spread between multi-mini canvases) brought some new sensibilities into relief. Quicker to get paint on the canvas; Judicious with shwoopy (painterly) brushstrokes; Editorialized easily for goal; Keep the subject texture in mind. This is a first pass on my backyard. Like using each panel as a clue to one other, without having obvious line-up points. Once they were going, its fun to look at them mixed up - sky, window, branch, and gutter. To do a reasonable job, I need to find a space that would hold my interest for 50 panels.

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