Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still jumbled

But getting re-sorted in another new studio. The campus requirement
that we label every jar gave me an excuse to start filling up shelves.

Also, on wall, made some white paper white with gesso to prep for
daily painting. Baby steps are needed to surpass my toxics fear before
baby arrives. Armed with good gloves, linseed oil, and new media ( oil
that acts like acrylic, and vice versa) - i need to paint every day.
Subject matter has become less compelling- so all I can imagine is
built up stroke and color. Actual practice will test my fiction.

1 comment:

Amanda Kavanagh said...

Curious to hear how you like the new paints.
Congrats on the BOY but sorry I can't pass along a truckload of girlies. How are you feeling?