Saturday, January 20, 2007

Surveying prized vittles

Surveying prized vittles
Surveying prized vittles,
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Now this is what the front steps of city hall were meant for! Fresh Pear and gorgonzola tartlet, and a cup of coffee so good (thanks blue bottle) that it needs no cream. Rather than shopping for the greens we should be eating mid week, Brian and I indulged in the Farmer's Market version of fast food.


maureen said...

hi robin - been a while. i just wanted you to know that although i haven't commented on all your posts, i've totally enjoyed reading at least 20 or so blog posts of yours today --- just cruising around in your brain. loving it. good luck with everything.

Robin said...

thanks maureen. nice to hear from you. been happy to see that you are creating photos again.