Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Micro Art Ramble

Oakland Maze - side detail
Oakland Maze - side detail,
originally uploaded by robin kibby.

My wall is filled with post-it notes to work out the "to-dos" of the month. This week includes "build frames, make card sets, web project 1, and web project 2, create photo inventory of work, test credit card setup, etc." I don't expect to finish all these things, just whichever ones will keep me from losing sleep. Tomorrow's to-do : find large tent stakes, to keep my weekend earth-bound.
The painting time I'd scheduled months ago was co-opted by other jobs, so now I am hustling for hours at the brush. In the past, art is something I create inbetween digi-projects. With a month or two clear-sailing, I spend 6 hours a day building paintings in the studio. The world turns into canvas frames, I walk and dream in brushstrokes.
So, how to create work when I don't have the same luxury of time? I've been squeezing it in. I scheduled in a couple hours a day as a part of my job. Added the home studio (plein air kit on the back coffee table) to cut out the commute. Go into Oakland when possible to get the larger scale "wet work" and finishing done. The problem with oil? There is no last minute preparation - its gotta dry.
My one point of flexibility are these little highways - small enough that they can be transported *with care* while still drying out and setting up.
I guess this a true blog entry - more journal than insight.
My one happiness is that once the brush is in hand, no matter how few minutes are available, my mind clears. The stress of the to-do's becomes an exposed illusion, since this work is all about making art I am happy with, and sharing it with new folks.

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