Thursday, May 31, 2007

June Art-Extravaganza - California Style

What it will be like to sell my art from a location that's not zoned for "industrial use"?

After my normal Open Studios event this weekend, I will venture beyond the Cricket Engine walls, to join the world of pop-up tents, gourmet food vendors, and variable weather conditions. Yep, I am taking the paintings on the road to two Art Fairs near my home turf - the Berkeley Live Oak Park Fair, and the Marin Arts Festival.

My criteria for picking venues ? Near enough to good eats so that Brian will hang out with me all day, and well-publicized enough so that more than ten people will walk by my tent. Both Marin and Live Oak fit the bill.

Before dozing off each night, I've been contemplating methods to make the paintings look nice against a backdrop of white plastic tent-wall... But I should hope for simpler things - to have things not-topple over, to get more than two hours sleep the night before, to not forget too many items, and to meet some interesting people.

I hear rumors that seasoned Art Fair folks make their living off of their creations and seasonal sales. Curious to witness some of the magic, and to linger long enough to have some rub-off.

Anyone in KibArt digi-fan land is welcome to these events... I don't generally address the ether - but here I am, talking to my blog after midnight. So, dear blog readers, if you find yourself wandering past my humble display of highways and hillsides on a weekend in June - with a sushi wrap in one hand and peet's coffee in the other, please come say hi!

Also, if you would like to come to Marin, let me know so I can send you a free admission card by snailie mailie. painter(at)

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