Thursday, August 30, 2007

Collegetown coffee

> En route to peets with thermos in hand-I passed the yellow umbrellas
> outside Mishka cafe. Having a vague recollection of seeing folks
> sitting out front during past visits, I paused out front to google
> their cup quality. Yelpers say "yes"- including a couple macchiato
> fans. They boast status as the only roaster in Davis. Initial glance
> reveals a good sized roaster mid cafe, and a well kept la marizocco
> machine. Emboldened, I order a macchiato.
> The cashier takes my money, calls out the order, then asks her
> coworker "you know how to make those right?"
> My drink shows up in a cappuccino sized cup topped with bubbly
> froth. The espresso is not awful, but it takes ateaspoon of sugar
> and the knowledge of my future p.b. cookie deliciousness to make it
> through the final sips. Aftertaste is harsh and tarlike.
> Had I known, I would have saved that little chocolate covered coffee
> bean on the saucer for last. A mystery how the product can be so bad
> when the ingredients look good.
> Ambiance is nice.
> On future visits I will reserve my cash for a scoop of yummy ice
> cream instead
> Back to the studio!

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