Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby tai chi -1

Ben lays on his back, fixes his gaze off yonder, reaches his hands in
the direction in slow semicircles, before making a lunge, back arched,
towards the prize. He sometimes smiles, mouth open, at his phantom


Jen said...

He looks so pleasantly mellow! It's just good PR, right? Give us some good shots of a wail or two, just for balance.
When does Brian have to go back to work?

Amanda said...

gorgeous boy! I love seeing the pics. How are you doing!?

Oona had almost the same onesie.

Robin said...

its true that these are slightly deceptive leisure shots. Although Ben is starting to fulfill his role as a mellow-pleasant guy. I think it took a couple weeks to adjust to "life outside". As for me... doing much better. Happy to let the fog of the first 14 days drift off into the subconscious.