Sunday, January 4, 2009

Benjamin Kibby Donaldson

Thanks friends!!!

And Welcome to benjamin.
Born December 25 2008
7 on 13 ounces in Berkeley ca

See my facebook account for some pix (account is robinkibby). Does this link work?


I hope to post some non-invalid-mom and baby pix soon.

He's making squeaky noises right now on brian's chest. Cute!


the Lewis Family said...

Hurrah!! Wonderful!
Please can you post a photo here anyway for those of us who are not on Facebook? Or just email one to me if I am the only one on the planet who is not on Facebook!
much love, Lisl

Robin said...

Try for a site brian's dad made.
Also I emailed you some phone pix.

I am on iPhone web access only these days ( not enough free time for actuao laptop computer) so I've just bee using facebook since they have an iphone app that makes it easy up upload pix with sleepy baby in lap between feeding.

He is hungray!!!!