Friday, May 2, 2008

Artist psychology

(detail - 'intersection' for mfa show)

"you should have a cliff behind you, so you have nothing to fall back on."

An alternate to having another skill to fall back on as an artist, from an artist interview of Steve Hanks on cap radio, sac

I think about this often- its easy to consider alternate jobs when
facing how hard it will be to have an art career. Artmaking is an act
of faith. Dedication is weakened by contingencies- and while in school I have the luxury to work on art only. Does this keep me from considering my cafe/workshop/studio? Not completely. My school focus lightly curbs my entrepreneurial impulses.
Good work days involve absorption into the canvas color and brush.
There is nothing perfprmative in my painting. My art subject is the
outside, Ive realized that its creation relies on solitude. Perhaps
this is in tandem with how I most enjoy the city- on foot for hours by
myself, with an pccasional chat with a stranger.

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